Swords and Scepters IS Coming Back!

It’s been nearly 20 years since Swords and Scepters shut down (SAS), 18 to be exact.  I was one of the original members, I was Streak…The Guard Dragon.  Over the years those involved with SAS have separated and I’ve lost track of them.  Some, sadly, are no longer with us and others have adult lives of their own now.  I am in contact with but one of the original members, her name was Aqua and we’ve decided to reopen the site and the RP.

I have owned this domain for many…many years now and for each year I’ve not known what to do with it or where to go with it.  If you remember SAS or if you were one of the members originally….PLEASE contact me…dragon.nii.chan@gmail.com.

The image that you see here, is the last banner created for SAS before it was shut down, 18 years ago, the creator of the banner was River, whom I’ve lost complete touch with.  River, if you’re by chance reading this…contact me.

The story so far…

18 years ago, Streak said goodbye to his beloved wife SaraMichiru as they renewed their vows and at the same time parted ways.  He shut down all equipment in the radio station and laid down one final time on on his pillows and begun his long hibernation.

He has awoken…

Weakened after his long hibernation Streak has found himself and the station surrounded by an unkown enemy who is attempting to gain access for unknown reasons.  He has so far held them off with what power he has left and using his magic and the equipment in the station he has sent out emergency transmissions to all known dimensions.  Who will answer his call and help save the station and him?

Emergency Transmission Incoming

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